Hosted by Jackie Fenn,
VP & Gartner Fellow
Hosted by Hung LeHong,
Research VP


What are the next big things in technology? Which will actually matter to your organization? Get ahead of the hype as we look at the most important topics in this year’s Hype Cycle special report, with particular focus on the Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. We examine integrative trends such as big data and the Internet of things, disruptive technologies such as mobile robots and 3D printing and scanning, and breakthroughs in image recognition, natural language and other capabilities that are transforming business applications.


Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle: Whats Hot for 2012 to 2013

Date: 16 August 2012  Time: 10:00 AM EDT  |  1:00 PM EDT

Topics Discussed


  • What are the hot new technologies and trends in this year’s Hype Cycles?
  • Which technologies will be hitting the “peak of inflated expectations” during 2012 to 2013?
  • Which technologies will generate the most value and opportunity?
  • How can you use Hype Cycles in creating your technology portfolio?