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  • Project Management in 2020
  • 06 Jan 2015
  • The digital avalanche continues. Big data, mobile, and social; all require quick action to take advantage of opportunities, or deliver competitive advantage. Will project managers go the way of buggy-whip makers by 2020; in a radically new IT ecosystem? The webinar discusses the future of project management.
  • Internet of Things Use Cases: Describing Real World Value
  • 06 Jan 2015
  • Use cases clearly explain the real value behind the Internet of Things (IoT), and help illustrate where and how money can be made through these implementations. By investigating these scenarios, we can understand and illustrate the key fundamental advantages of the IoT, and what technologies will drive these innovations for years to come. Strong, real-world use cases will help you successfully message your own value proposition.
  • A Methodology for Determining Which Applications Are for the Cloud
  • 07 Jan 2015
  • The heart of a cloud adoption strategy is knowing which applications are cloud-ready and which are not. Managing those applications - and their associated risks - can make or break an organization's success in the cloud. In this session, learn how to create a decision-making framework that will help you decide which applications are (and aren't) cloud-ready.
  • User Experience Design: From Web to Mobile to Social
  • 07 Jan 2015
  • Many organizations now realize that a high-quality user experience (UX) can provide competitive business advantage. Enterprises are adopting the technologies and practices pioneered by leading consumer Web properties (e.g., Amazon, Google and Facebook). The challenge is that the Web is evolving toward social and mobile, which means designers must stretch further, to cover these new bases.
  • Getting the Most From SharePoint: On-Prem or Online
  • 08 Jan 2015
  • Many enterprises have made investments in SharePoint, and a growing number are looking to do so in SharePoint Online in Office 365. This webinar discusses the strengths and weaknesses of SharePoint so you can deliver clear benefits to your business.
  • Modern Application Development Life Cycle Management
  • 13 Jan 2015
  • Application development life cycle tools are evolving to support enterprise agility and to take advantage of cloud and social computing technologies. Learn how the decision factors in making tool selections are changing, and how DevOps is fundamentally changing the Application Development Life Cycle.
  • IT Spending Forecast, 4Q14 Update: Digital Business Moments
  • 13 Jan 2015
  • With people, businesses and things communicating, transacting and even negotiating with one another, a new world comes into being - the world of digital business. A digital business can use 3D printing, big data, IoT and smart machines to disrupt the way enterprises manage demand, execute supply functions and engage customers. While much of the opportunity in digital business is years away, there are business moments that will become digital business in 2015. This presentation is our first look at our 4Q14 IT spending forecast update; we will present global IT spending from 2012 through 2018 broken out by devices, datacenter systems, software, IT services, and telecommunication services. We then turn our attention to the near-term opportunities in digital business, the new business models, and the solutions they require that will occur in 2015.
  • CES 2015: Consumers Go "All In" On Digital Technologies
  • 13 Jan 2015
  • The International Consumer Electronics Show 2015, held in Las Vegas each January, is a global showcase of devices, apps and services destined for the consumer marketplace, and is the show that sets expectations for consumer technologies to come during the year. CES 2015 will be no different, but its bigger size and its focus on advanced devices such as robotics and wearables will highlight how digital technologies are impacting all aspects of consumer behaviors. From the connected home to the digital workplace consumers are using more technology than ever before, and this webinar highlights the emerging tastes and trends from CES 2015.
  • Nonstop IT: Delivering the Integrated Data Center
  • 14 Jan 2015
  • The growth of digital business is changing the focus of data center operations from workload to workflow management. In addition, support for digital business moments is being provided across a data center infrastructure that spans both the premise and one or more public cloud services. Six key technology and process foundations for this next-generation infrastructure include software-defined data centers, multi-zoned facilities, hybrid alternatives (such as cloud services), integrated infrastructure, bimodal service delivery and nonstop operations.
  • As Audiences Scatter, Digital Marketing Hubs Converge
  • 14 Jan 2015
  • As consumers traverse ever-more-complex and fragmented buying journeys, marketers gravitate to digital marketing hubs to unify disparate marketing data and processes for audience acquisition, engagement, conversion and transaction. Easier said than done, of course, when you consider the diversity of the components and complexity of the integrations that enable the digital marketing hub. Based on the recent Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs research, this webinar provides a primer on the digital marketing hub functional architecture and the enabling provider landscape.
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