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  • The Top 10 Cloud Myths
  • 03 Mar 2015
  • Cloud computing is uniquely susceptible to the perils of myths due to the nature, confusion and hype surrounding it. Even with a mostly agreed on formal definition, multiple perspectives and agendas, the subject continues to mystify. The incessant hype results in confusion that permeates IT (and beyond) today. Whether they revolve around security concerns or cost savings, cloud myths primarily serve to impede innovation and distract us from real progress towards digital business. We highlight some of the most dangerous and misleading cloud myths and how to move beyond them.
  • Key Growth Drivers in Enterprise Software for 2015 and 2016
  • 03 Mar 2015
  • Enterprise software markets are being revitalized. Software buying is increasingly shaped by cloud services, digitalization initiatives, information and data analytics, and mobility. These trends are changing how software investments can support organizational goals and outcomes, driving new business models, and reshaping how software is valued, purchased and utilized.
  • People-Centric Security: Case Studies and Best Practices
  • 04 Mar 2015
  • People-centric security (PCS) is one strategic response to the challenges of the digital enterprise. It emphasizes individual accountability and trust, and de-emphasizes restrictive, preventative security controls. Organizations are gaining experience with implementing PCS concepts. This presentation introduces PCS and shares the experiences of the early adopters.
  • Business Architecture Fuels Digital Business Strategy
  • 04 Mar 2015
  • Digital business is about introducing new business designs that deliver new value by integrating people, business and things as peer entities, further blurring the line between the physical and digital worlds. Leading organizations are leveraging business architecture practices to inform business strategy change and guide digital business transformation.
  • Use Predictive Analytics to Help You Capitalize on Business Moments
  • 05 Mar 2015
  • The disruption that digital business brings will drive unforeseen events such as new competitors, products and services that will threaten business performance results. Predictive analytics are critical to providing warnings of decreased performance. They enable the right action or decision to be made to avoid an undesirable outcome, yet few organizations use them. This webinar provides examples of predictive analytics that you can use to avoid disruption and capitalize on digital moments.
  • Mobile World Congress 2015: Gartner Post-Event Commentary
  • 10 Mar 2015
  • This webinar discusses Gartner's take on key events, announcements and findings from the 2015 Mobile World Congress, which took place March 2 - 5 in Barcelona. We separate the hype from the reality on what we saw, heard and discussed at the worlds largest event on all things mobile.
  • Bimodal IT: How to Have It All Without Making a Mess
  • 11 Mar 2015
  • IT organizations must combine a conventional approach to enabling change with an approach that lets enterprises deal with the greater uncertainty, and be more exploratory, responsive and agile. We look at what bimodal is, why it is a crucial capability for IT and the enterprise, and how to make it work.
  • The JavaScript Republic: An Aerial Tour
  • 11 Mar 2015
  • The exotic zone known as the Modern Web has mostly stabilized. We take an aerial tour of a region littered with lessons learned from the past and strange tools never before seen in the enterprise. Learn why this popular ecosystem exists, and how it can make your teams productive.
  • How to Survive the Shifting Age of Smart Machines
  • 12 Mar 2015
  • Applications in the coming era of smart machines and the Internet of Things will be radically different from today's cutting-edge mobile apps. The user experience also will be different, dating current user interfaces. This webinar gives you the information and tools you need to survive the coming shift.
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