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  • Raise I&O Agility Today. Be Indispensible Tomorrow.
  • 29 Apr 2014
  • Infrastructure & Operations is key to supporting and progressing business agility: equally, demonstrating business value and cost-efficiency has never been more vital. Milind will discuss how effective I&O Leadership can manage this fine balance for future success.
  • Cloud Application Integration: Building Bridges Between Applications
  • 29 Apr 2014
  • With the cloud, it has never been easier to accidentally build silos. The cloud brings the promise of rapid innovation and faster time to market, but the challenge of integration is often cited by organizations as one of the primary issues that are inhibiting public cloud adoption. In order to fully realize the benefits of the cloud, a new integration strategy that encompasses cloud and on-premises services is imperative.
  • Federal EA Best Practices for Enabling Outcomes
  • 29 Apr 2014
  • Enterprise architects have a unique opportunity to enable transformative change if they can help leadership deliver the benefits of digital government while minimizing the impact of budget cuts. This webinar reviews trends that are impacting federal agencies and describes leading practice recommendations that can help EA support better business and mission outcomes.
  • People-Centric Computing at Home, On the Move, At Work
  • 29 Apr 2014
  • The people-centric consumer scenario focuses on the person and how they interact with their technology products, services and applications. Their experiences and expectations vary globally, as does their use case at home, on the move and at work.
  • Your Next Intranet: The Social Portal
  • 30 Apr 2014
  • Increasingly companies are using social approaches to improve employee adoption and engagement. In many cases, social is enhancing or replacing existing portal technology.
  • Web-Scale IT: Bringing the Cloud to the Enterprise
  • 30 Apr 2014
  • Large cloud services providers such as Amazon, Google, Netflix and others are able to operate at a speed and scale usually not found in a traditional enterprise. Gartner coined the term Web-scale IT to put a label to the concept of the way that large and small enterprises can emulate many of the IT service delivery capabilities of the leading cloud firms. In this presentation, we review the concept of Web-scale IT and discuss the ramifications for the industry.
  • APAC Webinar: The 7 Facets of Retail Demand Driven Value Networks (DDVN)
  • 30 Apr 2014
  • Empowered shoppers and ever more diverse shopping channels place incredible pressure on retail supply chains. Retailers who respond to these pressures by transforming their supply chains into a demand-driven value network (DDVN) consistently deliver 2x the return on assets (ROA), 3x the revenue growth and 4% better inventory turns than their peers. Transforming a retail supply chain to a demand-driven value network (DDVN) requires the right capabilities in seven critical dimensions. This webinar provides information on each dimension and corresponding maturity models. In addition, he will reference insights from a Gartner survey of 182 global retailers to understand their maturity and best practices in the areas of demand planning, merchandising, multi-channel supply chain and product life-cycle management.
  • Die digitale Realitaet: Loese die Aufgabe. Fuehre den Wandel an.
  • 30 Apr 2014
  • In diesem deutschsprachigen Webinar wird Frank Ridder praktische Ansätze verdeutlichen, wie CIOs und ihre Teams die Chancen der Digitalisierung bereits heute erkennen und nutzen können ausgestattet mit den geeigneten Tools und Techniken, um den tiefgreifenden Wandel anzuführen.
  • The Impact of BYOD
  • 01 May 2014
  • Employees around the globe are using their personal devices for work, and employers are embracing this. What is the effect of the trend? What are the best-practice policies for organizations? What investments are required to ensure safety of data and productivity for workers? This webinar shares the lessons learned from early adopters, examines the economics of BYOD, and provides practical advice to build your own strategy.
  • Ten Trends and Technologies to Impact IT Over the Next Five Years
  • 06 May 2014
  • Strategic planners have long realized that efficient planning must be accomplished by looking from the outside in. Internal trends, market trends and societal trends are rapidly converging, and many of these will have dramatic effects on infrastructure and operations planning. This presentation will highlight the most crucial trends to watch over the next five years.
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