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  • Managing Innovation and Digital Transformation in Financial Services
  • 07 Jul 2015
  • Business and IT leaders from financial services organizations are under pressure to innovate and develop a digital value proposition. This digital transformation provides both business opportunities and creates new risks that must be properly managed in order to avoid costly mistakes.
  • The Application Software Markets Scenario: Moving From Buy to Build
  • 07 Jul 2015
  • In virtually every application software market, above-market growth will challenger, small vendors and startups. Buyers are taking a radically different view of value and risk in software decisions. The impact on your business, whether a large midsize or small software or services business, will be profound. Designed for strategic planners, product managers, and channels and alliances professionals, this webinar discusses your options for exploiting this trend.
  • Bimodal IT: How to Have It All Without Making a Mess
  • 08 Jul 2015
  • IT organizations must combine a conventional approach to enabling change with an approach that lets enterprises deal with the greater uncertainty, and be more exploratory, responsive and agile. We look at what bimodal is, why it is a crucial capability for IT and the enterprise, and how to make it work.
  • The Four Futures of IT When Every Budget Is an IT Budget
  • 08 Jul 2015
  • It would be great to think that IT and the CIO will be at the middle of the digital business revolution, but that will only happen if line-of-business executives think IT has the skills and will to take charge. Earlier Gartner research identified four possible futures for IT, depending on how it positions itself. This webinar explores the implications of those four futures in the digital business scenario, how budgets will be allocated and what the CIO needs to do to establish IT's preferred future.
  • Establishing an Enterprise-Class SharePoint Service: A Complete Plan
  • 09 Jul 2015
  • SharePoint raises expectations for better collaboration and knowledge sharing. But rushed deployments have led to siloed, underperforming installations. Technical wiring advice is easy to find, but organizations struggle to find the highest-level strategic guidance on how to approach this complex, sprawling ecosystem. This webinar walks through a four-step plan for SharePoint: enterprise strategy, service portfolio definition, infrastructure planning and platform implementation.
  • The Art of a One-Page Strategy
  • 09 Jul 2015
  • Strategic planning is at the heart of any enterprise, and alignment with the corporate strategic plan is often a key concern of CIOs. There is a science to developing an IT strategy, and there is an art. This session explores the art of strategic planning, helping attendees articulate IT's contribution.
  • The Economics and Benefits of BYOD in the Midmarket
  • 13 Jul 2015
  • This webinar looks at the costs and steps involved in provisioning and supporting user-owned devices in a typical midsize organization. Total cost of ownership (TCO), cost-saving opportunities and the impact on user productivity are also investigated.
  • Leveraging Cloud Services on the Way to Becoming a Digital Business
  • 14 Jul 2015
  • The adoption of cloud computing and the move to digital business are forcing a convergence among what used to be known as dedicated outsourcers, managed hosters and cloud IaaS providers. This webinar covers how to set appropriate cloud strategies, adopt cloud services brokering as a new role, and how to best organize to manage vendors and analyze risks in service levels, stability, security and compliance.
  • IT Spending Forecast, 2Q15 Update: Why Is Global IT Spending Shrinking?
  • 14 Jul 2015
  • 2015 has started off with a bang. Daily news stories add subtlety, nuance and anxiety to the effects of the rising U.S. dollar on the world's economy. In countries where the local currency has declined against the dollar, IT providers must cover their U.S. dollar-based costs and protect their margins, which means pressure to raise prices. However, IT purchasers in affected countries are not sympathetic to a cost increase, turning 2015 into a turbulent year filled with price increases, contract renegotiations, purchase deferrals, product substitutions and over spending. This webinar covers the effects caused by the rise of the dollar, as well as the simple mechanical effect that makes global IT spending shrink. We also take a first look at our 2Q15 IT spending forecast update - global IT spending from 2013 through 2019 broken out by devices, data center systems, software, IT services and telecommunication services.
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