MarketView Databases

Attention MarketView Clients

Marketview Database Access Has Been Moved

Convenient Access to Market Share and Forecast Content

Marketview databases are now available for download directly from the Gartner web site. We hope that you enjoy this new experience and easier access.
MarketView Database index (only available until 01 January 2010)
How to find your data in Search

Use the Search feature on to easily find the file you need, then download the data set directly from the summary page.

Have questions? Need assistance accessing your content on

Please contact Client Services at or call +1 203 316 1900.

The same useful features will still be available!

  • Download Excel and OLAP databases
  • Database file in industry standard format (.cub)
  • Reports dynamically updated with each new quarter's data
  • Drill down and drill up in pivot tables
  • Unlimited nesting levels in pivot tables
Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Marketview 2.0 retired?

The Marketview 2.0 experience included direct database downloads in addition to a web-based application for manipulating data. Traffic patterns indicated that clients were no longer using the third party web application. In addition, Gartner clients requested that Excel pivot tables and .cub files be attached directly to search results to save extra steps. We have retained and improved the function of this page as an inventory of available databases.

Is Gartner planning to provide a new web based application to retrieve data?

Yes. We have developed the Gartner Market Statistics online tool to rapidly retrieve forecast information. The tool is available through selected Gartner for Business Leaders products; learn more about it through this Webinar. Standard forecast publications containing Pivot Tables remain available for clients who prefer that format.

Does the retirement of the Marketview 2.0 site affect the statistics that clients have access to?

Clients continue to have access to the exact same content but it is now accessible directly on

Can I be notified when data is updated?

Absolutely. Click the “Alerts” link available on any Gartner web page. Simply input your desired keyword and apply the Data and Statistics content type filter.